About Us

Dear Doctor,

New Patient Marketing began with dentist friends making the transition from being dental associates to starting their own practices. There was a big looming question for them on how to market their practices to their local community.

Stand out from the crowd. Make it easy for them to find you!

Stand out from the crowd. Make it easy for new patients to find and get to know your practice!

How could they grow their practice with established dentists already in the neighbourhood?

Marketing 101 was not a subject readily taught in dental school. But with guidance, they learned the effective marketing strategies needed to get new patients through their doors.

The mystery was solved.

Local area marketing was no longer rocket science.  Rather it became a steady strategy of making sure their dental practice was using the right marketing tools and tactics. Making it easy for new potential patients to find and get to know their practice.

Let us help you drive new patients to your door!

Contact us today at smile@newpatientmarketing.ca and let us show you how we can help.


Jason Lee, MBA

Managing Director, New Patient Marketing

*Jason graduated from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto with an MBA and has over eight years professional marketing expertise developing cost-effective marketing campaigns, collateral and referral networks.