Get On The Door

You already know that new families and single professionals are constantly moving into your neighbourhood. But what are you doing to let them know that you would like to be their family dental care provider?

These newcomers into your neighbourhood know they are due for a checkup and cleaning. But they are putting it off. It’s a hassle to pick and choose a dentist.

Make it easy for them to pick you.

Get them a professional and inviting message about your practice to trigger that phone call.

Do this before your competitor does it! It’s not about winning the 100m dash. The winner in your area will be the office that finishes first in the marketing strategy marathon. A consistent and steady approach to marketing will ALWAYS beat the flash-in-the-pan tactics that many dentists resort to.

Let us show you why we love doorhangers. They stand out amongst the clutter of direct mail. They also have tear-away business cards for your newcomers into your neighbourhood to trigger that all important phone call to your office.

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